Paintings and Drawings


Glittering Gold, Acrylic Fluid on Canvas, 18”24

Honourable, Acrylic Fluid on Canvas, 32”40

Rooms for Young Women, Acrylic Fluid on Canvas, 36”32

Midnight Spat, Acrylic Fluid on Canvas

Crying Girl, Acrylic Fluid on Canvas, 12”12


Indhu, Acrylic Fluids on Canvas, 12"12

The Lounge Singer, Acrylic Fluids on Canvas, 16”20

Pi and Krishna, Acrylic Fluids on Canvas, 18”24

Boxed Intergalactic, Oil on Canvas

Self Portrait Blue, Oil on Canvas


Noir, Oil on Paper

Visceral, Guache on Paper
Vintage Intergalactic, Guache on Paper


Swan Sunset, Acrylic on Canvas
Plague Doctor, Ink on Paper


Carolyn, Charcoal on Paper